Design Week Award 2018 Winner/ Product

Cumulus Whiteboard for Bloomberg HQ in London

Cumulus is a set of whiteboards designed for Bloomberg London HQ office. Cumulus redefines how a traditional whiteboard should look and how a simple piece of furniture can affect employee's mood and productivity. 

We designed Cumulus to reflect the Bloomberg's culture of vibrancy, transparency, and diversity. Bloomberg is a forefront data, news and analysis company and is recognised for the company’s commitment to building more diversity and inclusion in the workplace. We use 'cloud' as a design metaphor for both nature and cloud as data. Cumulus literal meaning is the family of clouds that appear in clusters, which we believe is a well visual representation that captures Bloomberg's DNA of global diversity. 

In the buzzing office, employees spend a considerable amount of time in the enclosed buildings and we believe creating a workspace that can lift up their wellbeing is more important than ever. Apart from being a whiteboard, we designed the furniture to create a positive psychological effect through the use of colours. Research by the colour psychologist, Dr David Lewis found that 80 percent of UK office staff believe the colour of their surroundings has a significant impact on both their emotions and performance. Each Cumulus panel is distinct in colour, consisting of low and high-wavelength colours. The low-wavelength colour such as blue can have a calming effect on employees and aid in concentration, especially when workers are performing intricate tasks. Bloomberg's employees are constantly working with numbers and the blue colour could subconsciously help stimulate the mental process when workers required extensive focus. While bright accent like yellow is suggested to be good for energising and evoking enthusiasm. Whiteboard is often used for brainstorming, and this optimistic colour could stimulate happiness and sparks creativity in the process. With vibrant yet harmonious hues that are inspired by rainbow spectrum from the clouds, we hope to enhance and liven up a stressful working environment.

The organic round form of Cumulus also brings a subtle playfulness in the sophisticated office designed by Norman Foster and Partners. The set comprises of five different screens which vary in height and shape. The smaller cloud is suitable for sitting position while the higher panel is designed for the standing gesture. The whiteboard is made of tinted glass with gradient colours. The gradients of opacity also emphasis the Bloomberg's culture of transparency. Design for functionality and safety, each glass panel is secure with durable steel base. The whiteboard can also be moved around freely with lockable castor wheels. Currently installed and being used by Bloomberg employee's on a daily basis, Cumulus provokes a positive collective spirit, and become an ultimate epitome of Bloomberg London. 

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