2016 Bloomberg Design Competition, Product Design Finalist, Best Video Prize

Inspired by Bloomberg’s vibrancy, global diversity and cloud data, Cumulus is a collection of organic-shaped screens, characterised by vibrant, brightly-colour and moire pattern that generates subtle visual effect. The idea is to reflect Bloomberg’s values of global diversity and transparency.

 It comprises of five different screens which range in height, and vary in shape and opacity. Each screen is modelled on forms carved out of 10mm clear acrylic panels, fitting in bronze-finish bases which is specially customised for each panel.
 The screens accommodate an ombre-shaded palette of calming blue, mellow yellow, deep pink, peaceful lilac, restful green, which we study to have a positive psychological effects on employee’s mood, productivity and wellbeing. Using UV printing technology, we achieve to create a scratch-resistant surfaces, and moire effects formed by the double-sided sets of stripes that overlapping each other. With a subtle contrast of material combination, gradient, frosty acrylic panels create an interesting layers when aligned with the transparent ones. This variety of light-transmission transparency also accommodates audience for the auditorium events without excluding passers-by, as it gives a sense of balance between privacy & disclosure.

 In terms of function, Cumulus design is easy to keep for storage and set-up. As our screens is a set of five different shapes, with uncompromising mobility, it can be arranged in several configurations according to the use of events.

 Within this design, we want to emphasise the graphical simplicity whilst retaining a strong sense of vibrancy and diversity. Bold forms and bright hues add a touch of play to a stressful working environment. Cumulus could be a visually-energising reference point within the building, spread a sense of calm, as well as increase employee’s well-being.

 Overall, we want to explore how a work environment can potentially be lived up and transformed when enhanced with the right combination of colour, materials, and forms.

 Behind this design is an idea to integrate Bloomberg’s transparency, diversity, and forefront innovation. The mix of materials is also a clear representation of Bloomberg’s integrative passion for drawing together a wide range of issues to create a positive future impact that the company will bring socially, economically and globally. 
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